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Model: TB-04
Herbert Thailand Company Limited has designed a training box to meet today requirement, The training box is craft for simlation adn testing the instrument closely to the true operation in human body, replacing the killed and died animal method.

The simulation is perfectly displayed on the excellent LCD screen. More comfort for the training operation with the electric motor-gear column stand as to help to facilitate the training box up and down via the foot swith control.

Develope your skill with our Training kits
As to gain valuable laparoscopic skills, here we provide you with our training kits for your skill development.
tk01 TK01
For development of instrument using skills that related to eye training, instrument navigation, hand-eye coordination, object traslocation, cutting and etc. The set comprises of the panel to hold with the standing pins, small bushing beads in plenty of colors, and small elastic rubber bands.
tk02 TK02
To build up your hand-eye coordination skill and operative agility via this kit which comprises of the panel holding with metal loops with the rope put through.
tk03 TK03
This training kit model is objectively designed for the task practicing with suturing. With many techniques of sutucticing with suturing that can apply with the kit like khot tying and ligature.Master your needle and thread skill with this synthetic skin training kit that look most alike with a human body skin tissue.

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