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Stirrups Model: STI04

The Ultimate Safety and Control at your fingertips!

The Herbert’s Stirrups are designed as per the engineering standard specification that highly relied on a high safety basic, easy to use upon medical specialist requirements and precisely suitable for any patient body position adjustment.

  • Easy to use, solid figure with the ultimate safety. The joint clamps firmly mount to the operating table side rails.
  • Adjust up and down the bar as per patient leg length or medical specialist requirements.
  • It is comfortable for a self-controlling which operating by a medical specialist.
  • Non-rusting design structure using stainless steel.
  • Light lift power as to minimize a user lifting.
  • Lifting capacity up to 50 kgs.
  • Minimize pressure under the popliteal fossa and superficial peroneal nerve.
  • Adjusting the Herbert’s stirrups in any position between +90˚ to -20˚ lithotomy.
  • Adjust the Herbert’s stirrups in any position between +25˚ to -10˚ abduction.

Stirrups Model: STI04

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Specifications Model : STI04

  • Padded boot length adjustment : 0-340 mm.
  • Padded boot&knee crutch lithotomy positions adjustment : +23˚/-23˚.
  • Stirrups rod lithotomy positions adjustment : +90˚/-20˚.
  • Stirrups rod abduction degree adjustment : +25˚/-10˚.
  • Capable to position patient weighing up to 160 kg.
  • Weight 7.5 kg.

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