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Model: STI03
The Ultimate Safety and Control at your fingertips!
The Herbert’s Stirrups are designed as per the engineering standard specification that highly relied on a high safety basis. Easy to use upon medical specialist requirements. Precisely suitable for any patient body position adjustment.

  • Easy to use, solid figure with the ultimate safety. The joint clamps firmly mount to the operating table side rails.
  • Adjust up and down the bar as per patient leg length or medical specialist requirements.
  • It is comfortable for a self-controlling which operating by a medical specialist.
  • Non-rusting design structure using stainless steel.
  • Light lift power as to minimize a user lifting.
  • Lifting capacity up to 100 kgs.
  • Minimize pressure under the popliteal fossa and superficial peroneal nerve.
  • Adjusting the Herbert’s stirrups in any position between +90˚ to -45˚ lithotomy.
  • Adjust the Herbert’s stirrups in any position between +45˚ to -45˚ abduction.

ac1 1. The Herbert’s stirrups excellent mount to the table side rails. It’s comfortable for mounting to the rails by using the rail clamps.
ac2 2. As for using the Herbert’s stirrups with the highest efficiency per medical specialist requirements, locate the rail clamp adjacent to the patient’s hip joint.
ac4 3. The Herbert’s stirrups can move forward and backward the liner depending on the patient leg shape. After placed the patient leg into the stirrups, loosen the boot up-down the rod till you find your desired position, then, re-tighten the boot lock for security.
ac3 4. The Herbert’s stirrups can be adjusted for toe, knee, opposing shoulder to be maintained in a relatively straight line with a control by a medical specialist.
ac5 5. The Herbert’s stirrups can be adjusted in any position and reposition precisely with any body part shape or per medical specialist.

Specifications Model : STI03
  • Padded boot length adjustment : 0-290 mm.
  • Padded knee crutch length adjustment : 0-75 mm.
  • Padded boot&knee crutch lithotomy positions adjustment : +23˚/-23˚.
  • Stirrups rod lithotomy positions adjustment : +90˚/-45˚.
  • Stirrups rod abduction degree adjustment : +45˚/-45˚.
  • Herbert stirrups can rotate 360.
  • Capable to position patient weighing up to 350 kg.
  • Weight 7.5 kg.



  • Pneumatic lift assist leg positioning system.
  • Rotation with hand grip controlling abduction and adduction in any degrees.
  • Upholstery soft padded boot liners for more comfort, the pads provide excellent pressure relief and protection to the leg.
  • Simple, easy to set up for patient positioning.
  • Rail clamps are included with stirrups.
  • Light weight molded boots for optimum patient comfort and protection.

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