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New Model : 1 Telescopic Bar OED02

Orthopaedic Extension Device

The function design of the Herbert Extension Device OED02 makes possible trouble-free treatment of the extremities under traction and it is used in connection with the Herbert Operating Tables.

The bar and socket system has been well-khown for years for it’s easy handling and the Herbert Extension Device comprised of the bar and socket system which secured the quick access at a grip to the operating tables.

The secured mounting on the Herbert Extension Device to the operating tables is effective with the assistance of practical transport cart. The transport cart which also accommodates the required accessory components and it is in the standard scope of accessories.

pos1 Patient positioning for neck of femur-nailing C-arm access
pos2 Lower leg treatment make it easy to set up the traction exerted at a downward angle.
pos3 Low leg treatment, using straight line traction and positioning the well leg on a universal support.
pos4 Femur treatment (lateral position) using rotation and stirrups clamp for skeletal traction and universal leg support for affected leg.
pos5 The combination of OED02 with an accessory like the Herbert Stirrups connecting to the operating table for more position adjustment.
pos6 C-arm can be used together with an accessory like the Herbert Stirrups and the extension device without any inconveniences.

stirrups Stirrups

Facilitate for an adjustment of positions, even during an operation. The stirrups can adjust in wide range of lithotomy positions and abduction angle easily via the hand grip. More comfort with padded boot and knee crutch to protect your leg and knee.

countertraction Countertraction Post for fermur

Radiotranslucent, height adjustable including roll pad and pads covering the

post for more comfort.

extensionshoes Extension Shoes

Extension shoes or an inline insulated traction bracket, is attached to the screw tension device.

The shoes head section is removable to aid anaesthetist access.

leghoder Leg Holder

Adjustable via stabilized ball-and-socket joint, with foam pad and fastening strap; fastening via radial setting clamp.

countertractionpost Countertraction Post

With covered pad as to relieve pressure from the perineal area.

shortpairtelescopicbarforoe10s_oe10f Short Pair Telescopic Bar for OE10S&OE10F
basicclamp Basic Clam
transportcartforoe10s_oe10f Transport Cart for OE10S&OE10F

Made for simple and secure mounting of the extension device at the operating table.

The cart equipped with a storage basket and made entirely of stainless, is mobile on four swivel castors.

clampb Screw Tension Device Clamp
seatplate Seat Plate for OED02

With detachable pad as to support the pelvic area.

meniscuspositioningdevice Meniscus Positioning Device

Radiotranslucent with height adjusment and covered pad for more comfort.

onetelescopicbar One Telescopic Bar

Can adjust the abduction degree between +45 -45 ,smoothy movement with the help of the support bar.

longpairtelescopicbar Long Pair Telescopic Bar for OE10S & OE10F.
extensionsiderail Extension Side Rail

Connect to the side rail bar to attach with the accessories.
transportcartfor Transport Cart for OED02

For transfering the device to your required destination with the assistance of 4 castors with 2 of them can be lockable for stability.

screwtensiondevice Screw Tension Device

For adjusting traction level while operating with the device.

seatplateforoe10s_oe10f Seat plate for OE10S&OE10F

with detach pad as to support the pelvic area.


Orthopaedic Extension Device OED02

With connectors as to connect to the operating table, comprising with hygienic soft padded seat plate, C-arm X-Ray access conveniently with the bar and socket system as to adjust the movement of the one telescopic bar. Adjustable screw tension device attaching with comfort extension shoe. For all metal structures are made of non-rusting steel.

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Othopaedic Extension Device