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Bio-Lab Operating Table
The innovative, modular design of the Bio-Lab Operating Table from Herbert is on the cutting edge of technology, catering to the latest post mortem, anatomy, and orthopedic examination techniques.

An extreme comfort allows the memory functions: It puts this table in the start position  out  of any setting. The frame consists of  non-rusting stainless .
The carrying capacity is 200 kg.

Model : KKU-001
Bio-Lab Operating Table
By Electric-Motor System

  • Table up and down.
  • Back up and back down ( Manual ).
  • Leg part up and down ( Manual ).
  • Lock and unlock ( Manual ).
  • Saving of time more comfort by memory function and simultaneous of drive motors
  • Accessories attachment.

Complies with ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2012

Bio-Lab Operating Table by Electric Motor Gear System
  • Table up and down.
  • Back up and down.
  • Leg plate up and down.
  • The wheels have the lock and unlock system.
  • Saving of time more comfort by memory function.
  • Accommodate with accessories for more position adjustment.

Meniscus positioning Lateral support Head support Headstrap_kku-001
Meniscus positioning Lateral-support Head strap Body strap
Body support
Body support column

Specifications Model : KKU-001