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Model: HB 120501

The Herbert ICU Comfort Bed established a new standard for a safety of patient or person needs to be taking care of and convenience that making caregivers for easy handling with. The safety is number one priority for our concern, thus, with the advance safety technology, the Herbert ICU Care Bed is enable to minimize the risk of adverse events. With the second priority is the comfort that we provide more with many facilitated functions.
Electric Motor Gear System for a smooth and quiet movement
  • Table up and down.
  • Saving of time, more comfort by memory functions and simultaneous of drive motors.
  • With more positions as you can adjust per your requirement.
  • Facilitating a patient needs perfectly.
  • Versatile application for your convenience at your fingertips.


  • 7 Actuators with 6 memory functions.
  • Hand control and wireless remote control.
  • Side rail to accommodate with accessories.
  • Stability ABS-Plastic head and side boards.
  • Bed articulation system with autocontour.
  • Nure control applications.
  • Battery back up.
  • Entertainment and nurse call funtion.
  • Hand control for the bed base movement.
  • Wiress remote control for the table top movement.
  • 4 lockable castors.

Optional Features:

Flexible Control Panel: The flexible control panel is an easy-to-use panel that specifically desiged for elderly people use.
Under Bed Light : Reduces risk from falling off the bed and can be navigation to a patient or a person finding the way back to the bed at night.
USB Power Supply: More convenient with USB power supply that can be a battery charger for any electrical appliances that can connect with USB connector.
Watch me : The function to indicate that the patient or the person is out-of-bed.
Service Call: The function to specify what the patient or the person needs, the signal will send to caregiver to aware that the patient needs something.
Clean Me: The function to detect that the bed is needed to be cleaned like from a contamination, dirt,and body liquid, etc.
Check Me : Thefunction to notify a caregiving staff when it’s time for service and maintenance.
Service Data Tool: To detect and find failures in the actuators system and indicate which accessories that are active or non-active
Scale : The weighing function that enable for the doctors to prescribe the correct medicine dosage and can check with a patient or a person weight for a medical treatment procedure.

For our optional features, make sure that your customer hospital infrastructure can accommodate with them for a smooth operation.

Specifications Model : HB 120501
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