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Model: MFH

This headrest system device is designed with a highly safety basis with the global standard
certified. Made with a light and safety material aluminium alloy which resists to any erosive
agent and highly force bearing capacity. Precisely seizing and stabilizing the patient skull of various sizes.

Complies with ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003

baseunit Base Unit
The base unit device for supporting/mounting all devices that facilitates the attachment of the
Herbert’s Mayfield horizontally. Made from a highly rigid light weight aluminium. Range adjustable legs which can use with any adaptor bar model.
swiveladaptor Swivel Adaptor
Attaches to the base unit with the abillity to rotate in an optimal flexiblility 360 degree. Tilt adjustment in any axis. Rigid and secured aluminium alloy figuration.
skull Adult Skull Pins
Uses with the skull clamp to allow rigid cranial fixation. Contains of the black O-ring rubber that can detach for clean and reuse.
skullclamp Skull Clamp
Horeseshoe shape device that can hold with a curve of skull perfectly. Provides 6 point rigid cranial fixation. Adjustable range accommodates for various skull sizes.
torquescrew Torque Screw
Provides a skull fixation. Ability to adjust the torgue that leads to a skull fixation up to 80 lb or less depending on a doctor requirement. Operate with the skull clamp perfectly.
adaptorbar Adaptor Bar
The cranial fixation device that allows attachment of base units to any operating table. Easy to attach to the operating table side rails. Provides secured and precise adjustment with multiple mounting for base unit attachment.

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