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Model HG 10WRL

  • Table up and down.
  • Back up and down.
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg.
  • 3 Memory Programs for setting the positions.
  • 4 Wheels.
  • Roll paper.

Special: With slide tray and arm rest.

Be able to adjust with lowest height 520 mm.

Advantages :

  • Lock and unlock the chair wheels.
  • Easy for movement , remove to any places or remove patients.

Powerful with ten colors your colors your style

You have a wide choice for designing your funishings entirely according to your taste. With our range of colours numbering in excess of 40 and the numerous combination variants there are no wishes, which cannot fulfilled. Whether muted or cheerful, classical or modern, elegant or extravagant-you are guaranteed to quickly find the matching colour tone in our range. Use your choice of colour to achive a positive effect on your choice of colour to achieve a positive effect on your patients. For this we would recommend to you.
black blue brown1
dark blue green grey
pink purple white

You have the choice for different support systems and accessories available

Standard Accessories
GCAS007 Leg holder adjustable via stabilized ball-and-socket joint, with foam pad and fastening strap; fastening e.g. via radial setting clamp.
GCAS005 Support the head and neck, adjust the level suitably for user.
GCAS010 Basin for flushing, stainless steel large, basin extensible, swivel-type. lockable in any position, version for greater hygience.
GCAS013 Integral foam upholstery in any color, for installation on the side rail.
GCAS001 Can be swivelled to the side, lockable, with foam pad according to color chart.
GCAS008 Swing down 98also easy for taking off and connecting with the table.
hacg11 A new design of the leg support, more comfort. The boot can support with a patient’s leg perfectly that can meet with your every requirement.
GCAS011 Radial setting clamp, simultaneous fastening of the clamp to the side rail;radial setting and locking of the accessory using a single screw.
Optional Accessories
426__220x140_hace10 The joint for connecting the colposcope to the chair for more elaborate gynaecology examination work.
431__220x140_hgc050709 Are water proof, the function same as the remote control.
427__220x140_hacg03 Made from stainless steel easy for cleaning.
GCAS006 Adjust 360 degree Max load 5 kg.
GCAS012 500 mm wide, stored into the integrated compartment.
HSR003.1 Facilitate for an adjustment of the position, even during the examination. The stirrups can adjust in wide range of lithotomy positions and abduction angles easily via the hand grip. More comfort with padded boot and knee crutch to protect your leg and knee.
GCAS014 Great performance of Led technology which can be the breakthrough for most of the medical field works. With a bright and cold light helps for identifying finest colors as to make an effective to the surgical procedure. The Herbert Cold Lamp is unique with the advanced technology which are perfectly suitable for your requirement.
GCAS009 4 castors, lockable and electrically condutive different diameter ranging from 0 50 – 0 100 mm. up to your specifications.

Specifications Model: HG 10WRL
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