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With the C320 FL, HERBERT has redefined excellence in operating table systems. With intelligence and precision in navigation and patient positioning, the C320 FL is the system for the applications of tomorrow. Nearly unlimited configuration possibilities, extremely broad adjustment ranges and innovative technology make it possible to make the C 320 FL a multifunctional, all-around performer within moments. Equally ground-breaking are the revolutionary control concept and the functional design, reflecting human anatomy.

As a trend-setting innovation, the C320 FL operating table system fulfills the highest requirements in terms of functionality, user-friendliness and groundbreaking design, thus setting radically new standards in the area of OR technology.

Our new operating table system complies with the HERBERT philosophy, adopting the goal of upward and downward compatibility among all the motor-powered operating tables made by HERBERT.

C320 FL : The Art of Perfection


– Quick and easy LOCKING and UNLOCKING of the extensions.


– HIGHLY ACCESSIBLE: The compact base maximises foot space for the surgical team.

– Surface treated STAINLESS STEEL table top structure and column.

– MOULDED WATERPROOF SEALED BELLOWS protects against infiltration of body fluids and contamination.

– EXCEPTIONAL MOBILITY : 3 large double swivel castors assure excellent manoeuvrability in all directions, even with the patient on the table.  Floor   lock produces EXCELLENT STABILITY.

You can do more.

Your table should too.

The C320FL is quickly and easily adapt to virtually every surgical specialty. They do away with inflexible. dedicated specialty tables that limit OR productivity. A sing table accommodates the following procedures and more:

  • Cardiothoracic
  • Bariatric
  • Orthopedic
  • Robotic
  • Veurosurg
  • Endovascular
  • ENT/Ophthalmology
  • Gynecologic/Obsteric
  • Traumatology

Complies with ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003


You patients are heavier than ever.

Our higher weight limit accommodater today’s heavier patients and increased bariatric surgeries. The C320FL provide an exceptionally low height for MIS, robotic and bariatric techniques, witout sacrifilcing the height needed for orthopedic and cardiac procedures.

102__320x240_c320fl-2c 104__320x240_rectal 101__320x240_abdominal
106__320x240_terndelenburg 103__320x240_flex 105__320x240_semi-sitting

Aneathesia Screen Aneathesia Screen“L”-shaped, fastenedby means of radial setting clamp ideal clamping mechanism. Radial adjusment through 360 degree. For rod diameters of 16-18 mm. Suitable for mechanical decontamination.
ArmBoardType2 Arm BoardLong 580 mm. laterally and high adjustable include two fasting straps.
325__320x240_legholder Leg HolderLeg holder adjustable via stabilized ball-and-socket joint, with foam pad adn fastening strap;fastening e.g. via radial setting clamp.
321__320x240_bodystrap Body StrapBody Strap With Velcro strap for fastening on the side rails, clips with locking devices; with removable ,washable strap, continuously adjustable in length, also suitable for obese patients. Wide:120 mm. length:1500 mm. (4.68×59.06 inches)
322__320x240_bodysupport Body SupportFastening on the side rails via clamp: height-adjustable, can be swivelled extension.
328__320x240_shouldersupport Shoulder Supports1 pair, for fastening on the side rails via clamps; removable pads, laterally adjustable by 190 mm. (7.49 inches) and height – adjustable; for operating table widths approx. 500-520 mm (19.70-20.49 inches)
LateralSupport Lateral Supports
327__320x240_settingclampstandard Setting Clamp StandardStandard setting clamp fastening of the clamp to the side rail and locking.
323__320x240_horeshoe Horseshoe – ShapedHead cup with detachable pad and fastening strap;ideal pressure distribution when in the supine or prone position.
320__320x240_armsupport Arm SupportIncl.fastening clamp;590mm. (23.25 inches) long, 165 mm. (6.5 inches) wide;laterally and height-adjustable via ball-and socket joint;removalble foam pad, electrically conductive cover on plastic supporting plate;incl. two fastening straps. Laterally and height-adjustable via ball-and socket joint;removable.
464__220x240_infusionstand Infusion StandInfusion Stand For fastening on the side rail via the intergrated clamp;vertical stand height adjustable via self-locking ball-and-socket joint, so that the vertical position can always be maintained even when the operating table is in a sloped position.
326__320x240_radialsettingclamp Radial Setting ClampRadial setting clamp simultaneous fastening of the clamp to the side rail;radial setting and locking of the accessory using a single screw.
ClampScreen Clamp Screen
329__320x240_standofherbert Stand of HerbertSafety and beautiful design in the operating room.

Specifications Model: C320FL


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