Machine Ultrasonic System

This machine is one of products in Ultrasonic sewing machine series. Machine sewing with a 20KHz ultrasonic system. The elevating of that sewing roller is drive by a pneumatic cylinder. It is suitable for embossing, sewing and cutting on material. Maximum width of sewing pattern is 15mm. Sewing pattern is changeable by exchange the sewing roller.


  1. low-frequency electrical energy is first converted to a high-frequency electrical signal, which is then fed to a transducer.

  2. The transducer transforms the high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibrations, which are then transmitted through an energy-focusing device (horn/tool assembly).

  3. This causes the tool to vibrate along its longitudinal axis at high frequency (usually greater than or equal to 20 kHz).

  4. Two pedals for easy operate. Small pedal is use for the elevating of ultrasonic horn, another big pedal is use for the running of roller and ultrasonic.

Efficient material removal

  1. The tool and tool holder are so designed considering their mass and shape that resonance can be achieved within the frequency range capability of the machine.

  2. A controlled static load is applied to the tool and abrasive slurry (composing of a mixture of abrasive materials, such as silicon carbide, boron carbide, alumina, etc. suspended in oil or water) is pumped around the cutting zone.

The vibration of the tool causes the abrasive particles, held in slurry between the tool and the workpiece, to impact the workpiece surface causing material removal by micro-chipping.


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