Stirrups Class A

NTN Code1M1201001
Product Code21011701
Product NameStirrups Class A
Product ModelsST101
รายละเอียดสินค้าStirrups Class A (ST101);;
Padded boot length adjustment: 430 mm;;
Padded knee crutch length adjustment: 0-75 mm;;
Padded boot & knee crutch lithotomy position adjustment: 23°/-23°;;
Stirrups rod lithotomy positions adjustment: 90°/-30°;;
Stirrups rod abduction degree adjustment: 180°;;
Herbert stirrups can rotate 360°;;
Weight 6 Kg;;
Advantages (ST101);;
Pneumatic lift assist position system;;
Rotation with hand grip controlling abduction and adduction in any deegrees;;
Uphoistery soft padded boot liners for more comfort, the pads provide excellent pressure relief and protection to the leg;;
Simple, east to set up for patient positioning;;
Rail clamps are included with stirrups;;
Light weight molded boots for optimum patient comfort and protection;;
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